Mallorca After COVID-19

August 17, 2021
life after covid

While we’re not quite at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re starting to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Finally, all around the world international travel is becoming more of a reality. How is Mallorca after covid? Once again, countries open their borders and loosen restrictions. Here in Mallorca, tourists are touching down at the airport once again. The beaches are getting busier. Plazas are beginning to fill up with people sharing tapas and glasses of sangria. People are looking to buy or rent a property and settle into the Mallorquín lifestyle. With a sense of normalcy starting to settle in, what does this mean for the island?

Tourism is Back

Walking through streets all around the island, we’re starting to hear a mix of different languages once again. This normal occurrence has been missing for the last year or so. Whether you are in Palma, a village in the mountains, or a town on the coast, it is clear that tourists are returning back to the island. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism throughout Spain was on a strong upward climb. In fact, Spain is the second-most visited country in the world. Tourism plays a large role in the general economy of the country and an even greater role here in the Balearic Islands. About a quarter of the island’s economy is dependent on tourism. Because the islands’ economies heavily depend on tourism, closed borders caused the region to take a hard hit from which we are still recovering.

The loss of a normal season in 2020 had a heavy negative impact on businesses and individuals in Mallorca. About 200,000 jobs here rely on the tourism industry; no tourists mean no business. Lots of businesses closed leaving large numbers of residents without jobs. Returning visitors to the island means an economic boost for Mallorca after covid. This is what many of these businesses need to stay afloat as many would not have survived another season like last year’s. 

New Tourism Announcements

A recent announcement from the regional government stated that vaccinated tourists from non-EU countries can enter Spain starting June 7. This is just in time for the summer season. Businesses haven’t been able to operate as they did pre-pandemic due to some restrictions in place such as capacity mandates, seating limitations, and curfews. However, the curfew will finally be lifted on June 6. Also, seasonal businesses and industries previously shuttered by the pandemic are starting to open their doors again to meet the needs of returning tourists. This includes hotels, restaurants, specialty shops, etc. Even Palma’s landmark Catedral de Mallorca will resume its full cathedral and terrace tours. Although the number of tourists and economic boons won’t reach pre-pandemic levels, they will exceed the 2020 season. This will help bring some well-missed feelings of normalcy to Mallorca

Mallorca’s Property Market

Tourists coming and going on short vacations are not the only people touching down on the tarmac. International visitors are returning once again to invest in either a second home on the island or to find a new property where they can relocate. It may seem like Mallorca’s property market would have taken a hit like the tourism and hospitality industries. However, that isn’t the case. In fact, despite unprecedented times due to the pandemic, the island’s property market is as steady and solid as it was before the crisis.

What has kept this market afloat and what has held investors’ interests? For the most part, people are simply eager to buy in Mallorca. The island’s desirability has only increased following quarantines and lockdowns. Many people are attracted to living in a beautiful place whose physical distance kept case numbers lower than the rest of the mainland throughout the pandemic. Investing in property in Mallorca is also a relatively safe bet as the growing market continues to show signs of stability. The pandemic showed people that life as we know it can change in an instant. Because of this, many people who have the means to invest in property realized that there’s no better time than now to make that dream purchase.

Why Visit or Buy in Mallorca

Are you toying with the idea of paying Mallorca a visit? Maybe you’d like to become one of the island’s newest property owners. Whether you want to come for a good time, for a long time, or for both, now is a wonderful time to make those moves. Although there are some restrictions in place, you can still enjoy drinks on terrazas, meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, or time in some of the world’s most pristine natural spots. The season is starting, the sun is shining, and the drinks are flowing. Also, case numbers are very low on the island and measures are in place to keep residents and visitors alike as safe as possible.

Even with restrictions, you can still enjoy a beautiful – and much-needed – getaway. Rent property in a vibrant city or in an idyllic town and experience Mallorquin life. And if you’re thinking about buying property here then now is the time. When you own property on the island, then you’ll always have a little slice of paradise to get away to. Whether you’re looking to visit or buy, check out these past blog posts to decide where you want to stay on the island:

What Lies Ahead

A sense of normalcy awaits us on the horizon. Across the globe, more vaccines are being administered allowing more countries to open up their borders to travelers again. While the upcoming summer in Mallorca won’t be exactly what it was in years prior to the pandemic, it will at least start to feel like a return to normal. And here on the island, we can already feel it. Our streets have been quieter than usual for too long now. So find that flight, book your property, and pack your bags. The island is awaiting your arrival!  

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