North Americans and Canadians Investing In Mallorca

October 24, 2022
North Americans and Canadians investing in Mallorca.

It’s no secret that Americans and Canadians have long been drawn to the island of Mallorca, with its pristine beaches and picturesque towns. But in recent years, an influx of North Americans and Canadians has been buying propertieson the island, making it a hot destination for prospective buyers.

The gorgeous Mediterranean island is famous for its authentic lifestyle, which includes everything from its food to its culture and history. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy exploring nature on foot or two wheels.

For example, giant companies like Four Seasons are investing in the hotel industry on the Balearic Island. The hotel company is renovating the former Hotel Formentor in Mallorca and is set to start operations in 2023 as Four Seasons. Warren Buffett, a renowned American investor, has also ventured into Mallorca real estate market. Also, more and more Americans are buying large estates in the Soller Valley, making this top European destination a darling for many investors.  And as things stand, this trend will continue into the future, and it offers great potential for the stunning island.

But more notably, the direct air connections from New York to Palma have made it tremendously convenient to travel between Mallorca and America. United Airlines debuted the Newark-New York to Palma service in June 2022, and has been a resounding success. And it’s no surprise that many people visiting Mallorca want to buy a property there.

Why Americans and Canadians Are Buying Properties in Mallorca

There’s no better time to invest in Mallorca real estate than now! With the entire world looking at this beautiful island as a tourism hotspot, it’s only natural that many investors are looking to buy property here.

Let’s take a deep dive into the top reasons why North Americans and Canadians are investing in Mallorca properties.

Direct Airline Connections

The best part about Mallorca is that there are direct flight connections from New York City to Palma de Mallorca. These services have made it pretty easy to travel for anyone who wants to fly over for a few days or more each year. For the first time, Americans can fly nonstop to this Spanish island, a coveted tourist destination in Europe. This development has opened investment opportunities for foreigners who want to own property in beautiful Mallorca. 

Consequently, Americans have increased their interest in investing in Mallorca real estate. As such, you can buy your holiday home in Mallorca without worrying about the hassle of lengthy travel journeys. Moreover, the Palma de Mallorca Airport is an international hub where you can stress-free connect with the rest of the world. Indeed, the island’s natural beauty and hassle-free accessibility have elevated Mallorca’s state as a highly sought-after place to live. 

The Film Industry in Mallorca

Mallorca has a love affair with the film industry. The many hours of sunlight and fantastic scenes of Mallorca make the island a perfect destination for filmmakers worldwide. 

Since the filming of  ‘The Secret of The Ring’ in Majorca in 1913, the island has had over a century of the booming film industry. Better still, filmmakers’ choice of this magnificent location markets Mallorca to the world. This exposure makes Mallorca a darling attraction for tourists and real estate investors. For example, BBC’s serial ‘The Night Manager’ shot in Mallorca caused an influx of tourists curious to discover the exemplary locations featured in the television series. And when people visit Mallorca as a charming holiday destination, they fall in love with the picturesque island and want to buy their second home here!

Fair Prices

Americans and Canadians are buying properties in Mallorca because the costs are much lower than those in the United States and Canada. This is true for both residential properties and commercial properties. For instance, you can save up to 70% when you buy an apartment in Mallorca compared to buying one of the same quality in New York. This affordability makes this island desirable for Americans and Canadians to buy property abroad. So, if you want to buy your holiday home away from home, Mallorca is definitely worth considering.

Exquisite Beaches

You can’t visit or live in Mallorca without hitting the beach. With some of the most spectacular European beaches, it’s no wonder the region attracts many visitors looking to soak up some sun. The beaches here are absolutely stunning: turquoise blue water, silver sand, and plenty of space for long walks.

Mediterranean Climate

The Mediterranean climate is a perfect example of what makes Mallorca an attractive place to live. The region has 300 days of sun every year, making it ideal for outdoor activities for those who love adventure. As such, you can enjoy outdoor sports year-round, including swimming, hiking, biking, and more all year round.

Mild winters and hot summers are always a welcome change from living in areas with long cold periods.  Thus, Mallorca is a greater option for those looking to buy a second home to seek refuge during chilly winter. The island’s Mediterranean climate and gorgeous weather never disappoint.

Sea Views

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, Mallorca has everything you need. From the soft sand and imposing limestone cliffs to the warm Mediterranean sun, Mallorca is a place where you can relax and enjoy all that it has to offer. 

But for foreigners who want to experience the best of Mallorca, they invest in luxury properties on the seafront to enjoy spectacular sea views. These homes are perfect for those who want to live like royalty while still being able to enjoy all that Mallorca has to offer! With a sea view from your home, you can wake up each day feeling revitalized by the sea breeze on your skin as it brushes over your face. There is nothing more satisfying than starting your day by watching over the Mediterranean from the terrace of your house!

Impressive Nature

The Mallorca landscape is so beautiful and diverse that you can enjoy it and reconnect with nature all year round. The island is home to a stunning mountain range, the Serra de Tramontana, that stretches 90km from the northern tip of Mallorca to Andratx in the southwest. The mountain range creates many beautiful vistas for those who live here and visit. It’s a great place to hike and enjoy the island’s natural beauty. 

Then there’s the coast, with long golden beaches perfect for sunbathing or surfing—and they’re great for swimming too! You can enjoy this magnificent landscape all year round, as conditions are mild enough to keep you comfortable every season. Indeed, Mallorca has nature at every turn, no matter the time of the year!

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