Discover Mallorca on Two Wheels

July 7, 2022
Discover Mallorca on two wheels.

Discover Mallorca on two wheels. Mallorca is the most famous among the Spanish Balearic Islands. From its magnificent beaches to fascinating mountain villages and excellent nightlife, Mallorca always has something for everyone. Better still, Mallorca is a darling destination for biking enthusiasts. Riding along the panoramic coastal roads gives you a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you are visiting Mallorca as a tourist or staying in one of the Soller Mallorca apartments, riding is the best way to unwind. What a fun way to discover Mallorca on a Vespa or bigger motorbike, access the best beaches and discover the off-the-beaten paths villages and spots. Mallorca has endless opportunities for adventure and exploration, and the most efficient way to see them all is by motorcycle. With its winding roads, beautiful landscapes, and hidden gems, Mallorca is perfect for two-wheeled travel.

Advantages of Exploring Mallorca on two wheels.

While it isn’t necessarily impossible to explore Mallorca by car, using a car might not be the best option to enjoy the scenic views of Mallorca Island. Car hire is quite pricey compared to renting a bike. Plus, cars are not environmentally friendly. And with the mountainous landscape of Mallorca Island, driving a car might not give you the best impression.

If you’re looking to move around Mallorca in a fun way, nothing beats the freedom of doing so on two wheels. Riding allows you to connect with the unique nature and landscape of this Island.

Riding a bike gives you the opportunity to go where you want when you want, and how fast you want. No waiting in lines or worrying about schedules, traffic, or parking – just go!

Motorbikes are also perfect for exploring off-the-beaten-path areas of the island: they’re small enough to squeeze through tight spaces but big enough to carry everything you need for an epic day trip.

Not only will it give you an up-close look at the island’s beautiful landscape, but it will also give you a chance to get away from the crowds and explore areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

You’ll feel like you’re truly exploring when you take in all of Mallorca’s natural beauty with every twist and turn of the road — and it’s also more fun! You don’t have to worry about getting stuck behind slow-moving cars or other tourists blocking your view; instead, you can focus on taking everything around you and enjoying the ride.

Where Can You Rent a Motorbike on Mallorca Island

Getting a rental bike in Mallorca doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are many motorcycle rental shops where you can rent your favourite Vespa, bike, or scooper.

One of the best shops to rent your favourite Vespa scooper in Port de Soller is at Bullimoto. You can get a bike from 50cc to 300cc to meet your riding needs on this magical island. Their prices are reasonable, and they have remarkable customer service. You can pop into their store in their shop Port of Soller or order online and get it delivered right where you are.

The Best Places to discover Mallorca on two wheels.

Wondering where to ride your bike and have unforgettable tours? Well, don’t worry. Here is a list of the best routes to take and connect with the beauty of Mallorca and enjoy all the charm of the magnificent island at your own pace:

Serra De Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range in the north of Mallorca Island. It is the most mountainous region on the island, with peaks reaching up to 1,400 meters.

Serra de Tramuntana is one of the best places to go by bike on Mallorca Island. It offers some of the most spectacular views on the island and fantastic hiking trails. The mountains are covered in forests and dotted with picturesque villages that offer excellent food and wine. Moreover, the range has roads winding through it, and it’s a lot of fun manoeuvring them with your rental Vespa Scooter. If you like, you can get off your bike and climb the highest peak – Puig Major.

Castell de Bellver

Castell de Bellver is another fantastic route to undertake your biking adventure in Mallorca. It is located in the West of Palma, and it takes you about 7 minutes of riding from the city centre to reach the castle. Castell de Bellver gives you a 360-degree view of the city, and you can learn more about Mallorca’s history as you ride your Vespa. You will have stunning views of Gothic architecture that dates back to the 14 century.

Palma to the North Side of the Island to Playa De Muro

If you want to take in more spectacular views of beaches, take a ride from Palma city to Playa de Muro. You will get to enjoy the beautiful nature as you see crystal clear water and white sand. What’s more, there are hiking trails if you want to take a break from your bike and take a walk. There are also vendors selling refreshments and fresh fruits, so you don’t have to worry about getting hungry. Additionally, there are live music performances to keep you entertained, so you don’t get bored.


The Northern route is the most popular for cyclists, and it is not hard to see why. The route takes you through some of the island’s most beautiful landscapes, with various typical Majorcan landscapes and views. It is perhaps one of the fascinating riding routes between Palma and Inca. You will have the opportunity to mate a stop along Ma-13 and visit the historic town of Inca, which is famous for leather products. You’ll then head to Soller, which is a renowned coastal village in Western Mallorca.

Explore the Natural Gorge of Sa Calobra

It is pretty romantic to cruise through the beautiful landscapes of northern Mallorca on your Vespa. Along this route, you come to the magnificent cove and gorge of Sa Calobra, which you can easily reach on your Vespa scooter. The meandering roads make it super exciting to navigate with two wheels as you take in the perfect scenes of nature. After your ride, you can swim in the crystal-clear waters of Sa Calobra.

Illetas-Santa Ponça-Andratx

This route is perfect for those who want to explore Mallorca’s southern coast and its villages. The route starts at Illetas, where you can go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of Porto Cristo Bay or enjoy a coffee or lunch on one of its lovely beaches. After riding about 20 kilometres, you will get to the impressive Andratx. Here, you will be excited to view its confined streets and taken its spectacular ports.


The Eastern Route starts in the spectacular old Manacor and goes through Alcudia, where you can enjoy the superb coastline. Then head to Pollenca and enjoy a hearty Mediterranean meal from the Island’s best restaurants. This route offers beautiful views of the coast and an opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful villages on the island.

Final Thoughts on discovering Mallorca on two wheels.

If you’re an adventurous biker who loves the thrill of exploring new places by motorcycle, Mallorca has plenty to offer. On two wheels, you’ll be able to absorb the sights of the island in a way that’s impossible from behind a windshield. You’ll also be able to take some great pictures and perhaps even discover an entirely new perspective of Mallorca in two wheels.

And if you’d want to live in Mallorca and enjoy the beautiful nature by a Vespa, Soller-Properties has something for you.

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