Finding Airbnb in Soller and Port De Soller 2023

May 31, 2023
airbnb in soller mallorca

Soller and Port De Soller are popular tourist destinations located on the west coast of Mallorca. The stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, warm Mediterranean weather, and the Mallorcan gastronomy. These are some of the reasons tourists choose as a holiday destination. With a rich history and culture; Soller and Port De Soller offer a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities that will leave visitors in awe.

Tourists visiting Soller for holidays want to make sure they have comfortable and affordable accommodation. One of the best ways to do this is by booking an Airbnb. The rise of Airbnb has made it easier for travellers to find affordable and comfortable accommodations in these picturesque towns.

Tourist Rental License (ETV) in Mallorca 

If you own a property in Mallorca and you want to rent it out to tourists, you need to obtain a Tourist Rental License. This is known as an ETV license (Estancia Turísticas en Viviendas). The Balearic Government requires the ETV license to ensure that properties meet certain standards and regulations for tourist accommodation.

You need a holiday rental license to rent all holiday properties such as villas, townhouses, and apartments. However, you don’t need an ETV to let your property to a client for over a month.  

There are three different types of Tourist Rental Licenses (ETVs) in Mallorca:

  • ETV-Un: This license is tailor-made for enchanting single-family homes like luxury villas and charming townhouses. With this license, your property can host short-term rentals throughout the year, without ever facing an expiration date. You get to experience the freedom of perpetual rental opportunities!
  • ETV-Pluri: Step into a realm of versatility with the ETV-Pluri license, designed for homes and apartments nestled within multi-dwelling buildings. Embrace the allure of year-round tourist lets as this license grants you the power to captivate guests throughout the seasons. While it expires after 5 years, you have the option to renew it.
  • ETV-60: With this license, owners living on the property can unlock the gateway to short-term rentals for up to 60 days a year. Experience the joy of sharing your slice of paradise with tourists. All while enjoying the comfort of your own home sweet home.

There is recently a new trend where property owners do semi-long lets (2 or 3 months) to turn around the holiday rental licence.

The Popularity of Airbnb as a Tourist Accommodation Option in Soller and Port De Soller

Airbnb is a popular online marketplace that connects people looking for accommodations with individuals who have extra space to rent. It allows hosts to list their properties, such as apartments, houses, or even unique lodging options like castles or treehouses, while travellers can search and book these accommodations for their stay.

One of the reasons Airbnb is well-liked in Soller and Port De Soller is that it provides a wide range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Travellers can find cosy apartments in the town centres, traditional villas with mountain views, or beachfront properties with breathtaking vistas. The variety allows visitors to choose a rental that aligns with their desired experience.

Airbnb offers a wide variety of properties ranging from private rooms to entire homes and apartments, catering to different travel preferences and budgets. The popularity of Airbnb in Soller and Port De Soller can be attributed to the platform’s user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and the opportunity to live like a local in a new destination. 

Of course, the appeal of staying in an Airbnb property often lies in the opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and experience a more authentic stay. Travellers can interact with their hosts, often residents of the area, and receive recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems. This personal touch can enhance the overall travel experience and create lasting memories.

Finding Airbnb That Comes With an ETV Rental License

For astute investors who are eager to explore the world of holiday lets in Mallorca, there is an enticing opportunity to acquire a property that comes with an ETV rental license. This option allows you to minimize the time spent on bureaucratic hurdles and maximize the enjoyment of your dream villa, finca, townhouse, or apartment. As you embark on your property search, it’s essential to evaluate each option from both your perspective as an owner and that of potential tourists:

Captivating Views

Consider properties that offer desirable sea or mountain views, as these can significantly enhance the appeal and allure of your holiday let. Imagine the joy and relaxation your guests will experience while soaking in breathtaking vistas from the comfort of your property.

Convenient Location

Whether buying an old property to reform or a renovated one, consider the proximity of the property to local amenities. The convenience of having shops, top restaurants, entertainment venues, beaches, and other attractions within easy reach will undoubtedly contribute to a positive holiday experience for your guests. This will ultimately boost your property’s desirability and attract repeat customers.

Assess the availability and accessibility of transportation options near the property. Excellent connectivity to airports, public transportation, and major roads will make it convenient for guests to reach your holiday let, thus increasing its attractiveness and potential for bookings.

Return on Investment

Tourism contributes significantly to the Balearic Islands GPD. And with Soller and Port de Soller being lucrative holiday destinations, they present an opportunity for holidaymakers to invest in holiday rentals.

The allure of these charming destinations has led to a thriving market for vacation rentals. It is not uncommon to come across listings with high rental prices, such as villas hosting up to 10 people that command rates ranging from 50,000 to 80,000 euros per month. This demand indicates a lucrative business opportunity with the potential for a substantial return on investment.

Obviously, the demand for holiday rentals is at its peak during the summer months since there are many outdoor activities to do. But considering the warm Mediterranean climate of Mallorca, you can expect to get tourists all year round – including winter. And considering that Port de Soller is the next trendy spot on the med, holiday rentals in this spot would be a great consideration for investors seeking to earn passive income.

More Tips for Finding Airbnb in Soller and Port de Soller

  • Research the Market: Start by understanding the vacation rental market in Soller and Port de Soller. Look into factors like tourist demand, peak seasons, and average rental rates. 
  • Utilize Online Platforms: Make use of online platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, and to search for available properties in the area. Look for property types that have positive reviews and a history of high occupancy rates.
  • Engage a Local Real Estate Agent: Connect with an experienced local real estate agent such as Soller Properties who specializes in the vacation rental market. They can provide valuable insights and assist you in finding suitable properties that match your investment goals. 
  • Network with Property Managers: Reach out to property management companies in Soller and Port de Soller. They often have insider knowledge about potential investment opportunities and can guide property selection and management. 
  • Consider Renovation and Upgrades: Look for properties that have the potential for improvement. Properties in need of renovation or cosmetic upgrades can often be acquired at a lower price. 
  • Understand Local Regulations: Familiarize yourself with Barealic regulations on tourist rental accommodation (ETV), permits, and taxes related to short-term rentals in Soller and Port de Soller. Ensure that the property you choose complies with all legal requirements and zoning restrictions.

Get a Local Agent

When it comes to finding the perfect Airbnb in Soller and Port de Soller in 2023, securing the assistance of a local agent is paramount. The expertise and in-depth knowledge of the area provided by our professionals at Soller Properties can make all the difference in your property search. With our comprehensive understanding of Mallorca’s real estate market and the intricate laws governing holiday let licenses, we are well-equipped to guide you through the process seamlessly. 

From property search to purchasing to management, we are your real estate agent of choice,  Contact Soller Properties today and let us you find your dream property in Soller and Port de Soller, setting you on the path to a rewarding and profitable Airbnb experience.

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