Family-Friendly Activities in Mallorca: Fun for All Ages

July 12, 2023
family friendly beach in Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest of the Spanish Balearic islands. This stunning island is best known for its beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes, and Mediterranean cuisine. For these reasons, the paradise islands have historically been a destination for many tourists and foreign-home buyers from around the world. But that’s not all. Mallorca has a plethora of fun-filled activities that are suitable for the whole family. The numerous options for the whole family make Mallorca a much-desired place to visit or call home. Family friendly activities for all ages. Mallorca has something in store for every family member, from thrilling outdoor escapades to delightful cultural explorations. 

Let’s dive into the top family-friendly activities in Mallorca. 

Visit a Water Park in Mallorca

If you want a fun-filled activity with your family on the beautiful island of Mallorca, visiting a waterpark could be your best option. Waterparks are full of adventurous and relaxing things to do in the Mediterranean paradise that will leave each family member in awe. Your kids will have super fun splashing into a waterpark to cool off the summer heat as you play some mini-golf.

There are numerous waterparks in Mallorca to choose from for your adventure. The Western Water Park, nestled in the heart of Magaluf, is one the largest waterparks in Spain. It is located just 25 minutes from the town of Palma and has a pack of attractions to thrill you. 

Other waterparks include:

  • Hidroparkin in Alcudia
  • Aqualand S’Arenal

Go Hiking

Mallorca’s warm climate all year round makes this island a favorite destination for outdoors enthusiasts. In particular, the Serra de Tramuntana area attracts hikers worldwide who visit the island to connect with nature. Also, hiking is one of the top outdoor activities in Soller Valley in summer and winter.

Taking easy Mallorcan hiking routes will be a perfect consideration for hiking with your kids. You could opt for Ruta de Pedra en Sec to Variant al Puig de Maria, or if you are more experienced, go for the strenuous Dry Stone Route. 

Hiking allows your entire family to take in spectacular views of the island and the sea, an experience you don’t want to miss. 

Diving With Sharks at the Palma Aquarium

Are you ready for an underwater adventure like no other? Get ready to dive into the incredible world of marine life at the Palma Aquarium in Mallorca! This extraordinary attraction hosts over 8,000 fascinating animals representing 700 different marine species. It’s like stepping into a whole new underwater universe right in the heart of Mallorca!

The Palma Aquarium offers a range of interactive experiences that will make your visit even more memorable. How about diving with sharks in the Big Blue, the deepest shark tank in Europe? Yes, you read that right! You can actually dive into the tank and get up close and personal with these incredible creatures.

If diving isn’t your thing, don’t worry. You can also go snorkeling with the graceful stingrays, gliding alongside them as they elegantly glide through the water. And if that’s not enough, make sure to catch a show at the 3-D theater, where you can witness the breathtaking sight of giant humpback whales majestically swimming through the sea. It’s so realistic you’ll feel like you’re right there with them!

Kids enjoy learning about the different species in the aquarium. Also, a bouncy castle and a pirate ship playground keep the kids busy throughout. 

Enjoy the Beach

How about simply spending an afternoon at any of the top beaches in Mallorca? If you are looking for an unforgettable family getaway, look no further than the captivating shores of Mallorca! Embark on a sun-kissed odyssey and create cherished memories with your loved ones as you explore the magnificent beaches of Mallorca.

This Balearic Island is a treasure trove of delightful beaches that will charm adventurers of all ages. With a staggering 344 miles of coastline and a sun-soaked climate that blesses the island with 300 glorious days of sunshine each year, a beach excursion with your loved ones promises pure bliss and relaxation.

Prepare to be spoiled for choice with the abundance of captivating beaches that grace this paradise. Here are our top picks: 

  • Es Trenc: Nestled on the sun-drenched south coast of Mallorca, this pristine beach boasts pristine white sands and crystalline turquoise waters that will transport you to a heavenly oasis, a world away from the ordinary. Just a short 25km journey from Palma, it’s a must-visit.
  • Cala Mesquida: Tucked away on the enchanting northeast side of Mallorca, near Capdepera, lies a hidden gem. Though smaller, Cala Mesquida Beach is a haven of breathtaking beauty. Towering cliffs embrace the golden sands, creating an idyllic paradise that will leave you awe-inspired.
  • Playa de Camp de Mar: Prepare for a slice of paradise on Mallorca’s southwest coast. Framed by majestic mountains, Playa de Camp de Mar is a captivating beach that offers more than just sun and sand. With an 18-hole golf course and a luxurious hotel nearby, it promises an unforgettable family adventure.

Besides relaxing with your family and busking on the sand, you could explore more fun activities at the serene Mallorcan beaches. From windsurfing to sailing, water-skiing to swimming – there is something for everyone in your crew. 

Explore a Mysterious Cave System: Drach Caves in Mallorca

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the enchanting Drach Caves in Mallorca (Cuevas del Drach). Perfect for an exciting family day out, these captivating caves will leave you spellbound.

The renowned Cuevas del Drach is located in Porto Cristo and offers a sensational experience. Explore four extraordinary caves intricately connected by Lake Martel – Europe’s largest underground lake. Marvel at the stunning beauty of the fascinating lake formed millions of years ago during the Miocene Epoch.

Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or a tranquil boat ride, these caves cater to your whole family’s comfort and fitness levels. With well-lit pathways, stairs, and other safety features, you can easily explore this mesmerizing underground world. As you embark on your adventure, be captivated by a hauntingly beautiful symphony serenading you throughout your journey.

After your exploration, make the most of the nearby attractions. Browse the souvenir shop to bring home a memento of your incredible journey. Unwind and indulge in refreshing beverages and dining options at the bar. For nature enthusiasts, the nearby picnic areas provide a peaceful spot to embrace the outdoors with your loved ones. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Majorica Porto Cristo, a prestigious jeweler renowned for its exquisite Majorca pearls.

Experience Thrilling Adventures for the Whole Family at Jungle Parc Mallorca

Embark on an exhilarating journey like no other at Jungle Parc Mallorca, the ultimate family-friendly destination in Santa Ponça, Mallorca. With thrilling rope bridges and zip lines hanging up to 10 high, this is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

What makes this experience even more remarkable is the inclusion of low-rope courses specially designed for younger participants. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Jungle Parc Mallorca offers challenges that cater to everyone. Get ready to ignite your sense of adventure and create lasting memories for the entire family.

Explore Mallorca on Two Wheels 

Mallorca is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers. Picture yourself riding along breathtaking coastal roads, soaking in the panoramic views, and embracing an unrivaled experience with your family.

Uncover the hidden treasures of Mallorca on a Vespa or a mighty bike. Rent bikes, scoopers, or Vespas for your whole family at any rental shop in Mallorca, such as Bullimoto

Discovering Mallorca on two wheels grants you access to the best beaches, off-the-beaten-path villages, and picturesque spots that will leave you awestruck. As you glide through the island’s unique landscapes, you’ll forge a connection with its captivating nature.

Take your exploration to the next level with a bike tour around Palma’s old town. Marvel at centuries-old walls, witness the grandeur of the Cathedral and Palace and meander through secret alleyways and hidden gems that would have otherwise escaped your notice. Keep an eye out for charming shops and bustling markets, offering delightful treasures to discover later. For those seeking independence, bike rentals (complete with helmets and practical extras like baby trailers) are available, allowing you to strike off on your own and venture into the unknown.

Mallorca presents endless opportunities for adventure and exploration; the most exhilarating way to conquer them all is by bike. With the wind in your hair and the freedom to roam, prepare for an unforgettable journey through this enchanting island.

Final Thoughts

With family-friendly activities galore, Mallorca is the perfect destination for everyone. Take that leap and visit Mallorca or consider relocating and start your life on this magical Mediterranean island with its countless attractions and activities. If you’re ready to take the plunge, Soller Properties can help you find the ideal property to fit your budget and desires. Contact us today and make this lifelong dream a reality!

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