Huge demand of country properties in Mallorca – Post Covid-19 effects

August 18, 2020

Finally, the lockdown measures eased in Spain. Mallorcan real estate agents see their clients return. Soller-Properties and other agents notice a clear change in demand for real estate. The demand on country estate increased significantly after Covid-19. How is this possible?

The Covid-19 pandemic controlled and still controls the entire world. In times of crisis many people start reflecting on the life they live. Shocked by the impact of what happened they realize it is time to make changes. Changes to protect themselves in the future when a similar crisis would happen. Worldwide there is a strong voice to flee city-life. The modern human being prefers to live at a slower pace. He wants to be close to nature. And he prefers to be as self-sufficient as possible. In itself this is nothing new. If you look at the history, town-dwellers flee to the rural area in an attempt to escape from serious viruses. And also, to look for more outside space.

Back to the roots – buying a country property

For many of us the question is not if, but when. A lot of people feel that an outbreak like Covid-19 will happen again. They consider a house in the countryside as a better option than living in the city. It can be in a rural second-home or to live in the countryside on a permanent basis. In times of a lockdown like we had, the non-urban areas give us more space and freedom. Less people mean less risk of infection. Children can play in the garden (and pool). You walk on your plot. You grow herbs, vegetables and fruits. You have your own livestock. Eggs, meat, milk and cheese come from your own land. You have your own energy resources. This scenario is very different than living in an apartment. In a city centre with (or even without) a small balcony.

The past months also made us realize that it is possible to work from home, to shop from home and to have school at home. The need to be in the city is less and less important. And for many less attractive as well.

Sustainability after Covid-19

Self-sufficient living was already a growing trend before Covid-19 appeared. But after the Corona outbreak more people realize they want to go back to nature. To live greener and healthier is more important. As well as living in a more sustainable way. People do not want restrictions in their life because of a virus like Corona. Pandemics like this teach us that we have to enjoy our life and not wait until the “right moment”.

In general people respond to their experiences. They change their behaviour to ensure to not end up in the same situation. Imagine that you hardly had any outside area during the lockdown. For sure you will want to move to a house with more outdoor space. If you have to use the overcrowded public transport facilities, you prefer to be in a less dense area. People want to flee from confinement. In June this year Forbes published an interesting article. The subject of which was the move of people from the cities to the countryside in the US.

Mallorca countryside properties

The “Escape the City” trend is happening everywhere in the world; at least in the wealthy countries. And Mallorca is no exception to the rule. As said, the demand of country houses increased drastically. Mallorca has beautiful nature and large rural areas. There are many country properties available on the island. All having their own character and charm. There are rural homes for everyone´s budget. Depending on location, size, views, quality etc. prices vary. From less than 500.000 euros up to tens of millions. An extra advantage in times of a pandemic is that Mallorca is an island. This minimizes the risk of spreading the virus. The centre of Mallorca is very well-known countryside. But in fact, you can find rural properties everywhere on the island. Even close to Palma. And as well in the beautiful Soller valley and the surroundings of Deia.

If you start your property search for a country house, you will have to look for a “Finca”. A finca is a property on rustic or rural land. Back in the days, these were small cottages built on large plots. Used for farming. But, these finca´s are not alays small in size. In Mallorca there are many huge farms or manors on rural plots.

Sometimes they are very old and need a complete renovation. Sometimes they are brand new or already renovated to modern standards. Many times, there are groves on the plot. Imagine having your own almond, olive or orange grove. A lot of the Mallorcan fincas are very spacious. This is ideal if you want to work from home or when you are confined with several family members. Everybody has his or her private space. You can make an office, a game room or a gym.

Buy a finca in Mallorca

If it is your idea to build your own finca from scratch, you need to buy a rustic plot first and not urban land. A rustic plot is not yet used by developers and has no such infrastructure. You will need to go to the town hall and follow all their regulations. Often it is easier and quicker to buy an existing finca instead of starting a project on your own.

Buying a rural property in Spain is not always easy. You might have heard some stories already. There are a lot of regulations in place and it is not unusual that part of the property is illegal. But, don´t be put off by this! In most cases the problems are solvable. A few things are very important when you want to buy a house in the countryside of Mallorca.

Choose the right estate agent

First you need to work with a reliable estate agent like Soller-Properties. And what you need is a professional and pro-active Spanish lawyer that works on the island. We know and understand that many buyers prefer a lawyer from their own country. It gives you more trust because you speak the language. But in reality, this is not working well. A German or English lawyer does not have the in-depth knowledge of local regulations. Even a Spanish lawyer from mainland Spain cannot help you for the full hundred per cent. Regulations on the mainland differ from the ones on the Balearic Islands. That is why we recommend using the services of a local lawyer who knows what he or she is dealing with. Soller-Properties works together with some very professional Spanish lawyers. So, feel free to ask us for advice on this side.

In the area where we operate, the Soller Valley and Deia, the rural properties are very popular. Especially foreigners feel attracted to this type of home. Authentic Mallorcan fincas are pretty to look at. They have their old stone facades and typical Mallorcan shutters. Many of them have sea views. Combine this with the exceptional beauty of the Tramuntana mountain range. And now you understand why people love these country houses!

Mallorca property prices dropping?

You might think that after Covid-19 the asking prices for properties went down. Mallorca, and even more the regions of Soller and Deia, is very consistent and stable. We do not see huge price drops. Owners are willing to negotiate but up to a certain point. And if owners are not sure about the market perspective, they take their property from the market. So, if you want to buy a rural property in our area do not wait for the right moment. In reality the prices might go up!

Have a look at our properties overview. And see which country houses we have for sale in Biniaraix, Soller, Deia and Fornalutx. If you have any questions about buying a Finca in northwest Mallorca, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of professionals will help you to realize your dream!

Stay and live healthy!

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