7 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Old House

March 7, 2022
reform property and increase value

It is only when we list our property for sale that we realise how great the competition is. Preferences change with the change in trends of architecture and design. Some of us prefer living in houses without making any changes, but when it comes to selling the property, bringing a few changes can help in increasing its market value. There are so many ways, like installing composite decking or adding lighting etc., to make your house look as good as new and attract customers. Here are seven notable ways that you should consider using:

Adding More Liveable Space:

Adding more liveable or usage space can increase your property’s market value considerably. They only add to the list of features of your home. You can add a new room or washroom to it. Building a separate suite for guests is also a great idea. Add spaces that will distinguish your property from the rest and which will genuinely improve the functionality of the house.

Cleaning and Decluttering the Space:

Buyers prefer to buy clean places that do not require many renovations and are ready to move into. Cleaning and decluttering your house can increase its resale value and make it a lot more likeable for potential customers. Clean out all the cupboard drawers and dispose or donate anything you don’t need or use. An organised, well-managed space gives potential buyers a good impression.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient:

Modern homes are well-equipped with energy efficient measures. Buyers prefer homes that will help them cut the cost of electricity. Consider installing an energy-efficient thermostat, air conditioning, double glazing, in fact anything that can enhance your home’s functionality and efficiency.

Time for a New Look:

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home’s appearance. If you want to give your house a completely transformed look and make it look new, choose a colour of paint that will blend well with the overall interior. Paint not only refreshes your home’s appearance but also helps you declutter the space during the process.

Replacing the Doors:

The state of your doors can make your home look neglected. If on a budget, even a fresh coat of paint will improve your home’s appearance. You may also consider replacing the doors with new ones. Freshly painted new doors will miraculously transform the appearance of your house, which in turn increases its value.

Renovate the Kitchen:

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. The food stains, the overly used sink, cabinets etc., make it look old and untidy even if it is clean. The kitchen is a central feature of your home, and if it is outdated, it will definitely decrease the resale value of your house. If you do not have a massive budget to remodel the space, simply replace cupboard doors or worktops to give it a new look.

Re-lay Your Lawn:

For some people, the lawn is as essential as the kitchen. They prefer to spend most of their time outdoors and enjoy the ambience of a well-maintained garden. Likewise, if you haven’t paid much attention to your lawn over the years, maybe it is time for you to redo it. Installing a composite decking area creates a nice focal point for outdoor dining. Having a well-maintained, beautifully planted garden will become a highlight feature of your house and increase its value.

There are many ways you can consider to change the look of your house and make it look new. Updating and renovating your place regularly is helpful if you plan to sell your home in the future. 

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